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The Mosaics
The various mosaic works encountered on the site of Volubilis present a diversity of the subjects treated and the materials used.
The mosaics with mythological subjects represent its majority; those of the current life are, on the contrary, very rare (two scenes in the house at the Desultor). The representations of animals, especially of marine fauna, are amply frequented. Mosaics with geometric patterns are very common too.
The Volubilitans were fascinated by the theme of Dionysus (God of the wine and of the vine) which was four times treated (Bacchus and the four seasons, twice, Bacchus discovering Ariane and Bacchus on his chariot), without forgetting the representations of vases and canthares pertaining, perhaps, to wine, whose meaning deserves to be studied deeply.
In addition to that, Greco-Roman mythology was expressed through other themes: the works of Hercules, the Nymphs of the Sources, the Nereids, Diana and the Nymphs in the Bath, and a whole set of prophylactic signs.The technique for the preparation of the pavement lies on a beaten earth support on which was spread the layer of mortar that was to receive the cubes of mosaics. The tesserae in the form of cubes not exceeding sometimes 1cm on each side, are cut mainly in local stones of gray, yellow, white and black colors. Imported marble tesserae, ceramic and green or blue glass paste are also used.

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