Interpretive center

The project significance:


  • The first interpretative center of an archeological site in Morocco.
  • It covers more than 1300 m² of display area.
  • It belongs to an architectural complex constructed at the site entrance, about 200m length in order to get the management needs, reception and the interpretation.
  • It was constructed of the edge of a valley at the site entrance within a green area covered with trees, and 8 meters under the ground level.
  • For a better visual and an optimal integration with the surrounding environmental, the buildings walls were cladded by wooden panels.
  • It displays a distinctive archeological artificats discovered in the site, and a set of original and archival documents.
  • It Includes a variety of dynamic tools for exhibition and interpretation (audio – visuals, photography, maps and written…).

The project goals:

  • Bring to light and valorize the archeological site of Volubilis: Its civilization, history, economic and urban aspects, along with its culture and population beliefs.
  • Encourage to visit the Archeological site.
  • Increase the visitor’s number and improves the economic incomes through new exhibitions and relevant information’s
  • Sensitize visitors to protect and preserve their heritage.


Espaces d’exposition

  • Introductory exhibition space along the lower passage between the entrance and the ruins of the site.
  • An immersion space (lower room housing the introductory passage).
  • Space deepening visit (the upper glass room).