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Volubilis after Rome

At the end of the 3rd century AD, probably due to Moorish tribe revolts, the Roman administration and army withdrew from the area south of the river’s basin of Loukkos. Volubilis and its region then became independent of Roman authority and the city maintained its importance until the arrival of Islam in the 8th century AD. Excavations reveal that during… Read more →

Mauretanian period

The site of Volubilis seems to have been occupired by sporadic hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic age. At one point during the late Neolithic, probably on the eve of the Chalcolithic, it probably housed a group of farmers and sheperds. It is unclear when this small settlement was abandoned. In a late epoch, during the second half of the 2nd century… Read more →

Volubilis Project

General framework : Cooperation between the Central Region in France and the Fès-Meknès Region in Morocco is an opportunity to transfer and share knowledge in the field of heritage conservation. In this context, a project called “VOLUBILIS” financed by the Central Region in France was set up by Moroccan and French partners to develop a set of tools to preserve… Read more →


The conservation of the archaeological site of Volubilis organizes educational and playful workshops for the young public in connection with archaeological excavations, architectural surveys, drawing, theater, storytelling, poetry, pottery modeling, Leaving the treasury and full of other activities. To participate in these workshops you can contact us at least a week in advance via this website or by sending your… Read more →


– Mailing address: Conservation of the archaeological site of Volubilis, BP. 2 Moulay Idris Zerhoun – Phone: 00212 535544103 – Email address:  sitevolubilis@gmail.com Read more →


The archaeological site of Volubilis offers the opportunity for companies, whether patrons or partners, to support projects related to the realization of events, the restoration of buildings, the valorisation of the site, the implementation of educational programs or projects to acquire works of art or design. This gives you the opportunity to associate yourself with a new way of approaching… Read more →

Internet links

Volubilis on the website of the Ministry of Culture of Morocco: http://www.minculture.gov.ma/fr/index.php/patrimoine2/patrimoine-materiel/44-culture-et-recherches/patrimoine/76-sites-antiques-du-maroc#Volubilis Volubilis on the site of the Inventory of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Morocco: http://www.idpc.ma/view/pc_archeologie/idpcm:6B3D7E?doctype=&f_type_protection=&searchfield=fulltext&q=volubilis&quicksearch=OK&num=2 Volubilis on the Moroccan Heritage Portal: http://www.patrimoineculturel.ma/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=262&Itemid=209#volubilis Volubilis website developed as part of the Moroccan-English mission 2000-2005: http://www.sitedevolubilis.org/www/english/about/index.htm Volubilis on the UNESCO website: http://whc.unesco.org/fr/list/836 Educational site about Volubilis: http://sitevolubilis.com Read more →

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